Individual poster presentations from the 2018 conference that have been made available, may be accessed below:

Poster Title Authors
Continuous In Situ Microstructure and Composition Analysis within 3D-Printed Structures Using In-Chamber Sensors Phillip Stanley-Marbell, Robert Hewson, Daniela Petrelli and Nick Dulake
Reliability Analysis Using Deep Learning and Semi-supervised Techniques Chong Chen and Ying Liu
Immersive robot teleoperation through a real time updating virtual reality environment Daniel Brice, Karen Rafferty and Seán McLoone
Multi-Sourced Data Analytics for AM Energy Consumption Prediction Jian Qin and Ying Liu
AI integrated IoT systems for SAW droplet control and diagnosis Giorgos Tsapparellas , Nanlin Jin, Pep Canyelles-Pericas and Richard Fu
Smart design for digital manufacturing in a connected marine industry value chain  Joo Hock Ang, Cindy Goh, Ciel Thaddeus Choo, Vijay Prabhakarrao Jirafe and Yun Li
Data Driven Optimisation of Spatial Dynamic Sampling using FSCA Seán McLoone and Federico Zocco
CDBB Digital Twin Ajith Parlikad, Duncan McFarlane, Qiuchen Lu, Gishan Don Ranasinghe, Zhenglin Liang, James Heaton, Askar Aryntay and Simon Sennitt
Feasibility study: Pathway to autonomy for an SME factory Hongjie Ma, David Brown and Edward Smart
Predicting Faults in Manufacturing Production Environments with Limited Component Specification Data Edward Smart, Hongjie Ma, Ann Swift and David Brown
A Context-Aware Internet of Things Framework for Remote Monitoring Services Ali Al-Shdifat, Christos Emmanouilidis and Andrew Starr
Digital Transformation Strategy Framework for Gait Analysis Arif Reza Anwary, Hongnian Yu and Michael Vassallo
Digitalization of food manufacturing Bogdan Dorneanu, Evgenia Mechleri, Sai Gu and Harvey Arellano-Garcia
Intelligent Personalised Powertrain Health Care (inPowerCare) Esmaeil Habib Zadeh, Thomas Byrne, Felician Campean, Aleksandr Doikin, Natasha Micic, Daniel Neagu, Morteza Soleimani and Denis Torgunov
Feasibility study: A digital garment simulation model links consumer preference with objective fabric properties Ningtao Mao, He Wang, Zhiqiang Zhang, Neil Morrison and Laura Finnigan
Positioning Physical, Information, and Communication System Objects Toward Interdisciplinary Residual Life Cycle Artefacts Thomas Byrne, Felician Campean, Aleksandr Doikin, Esmaeil Habib Zadeh, Natasha Micic, Daniel Neagu, Morteza Soleimani and Denis Torgunov
Flexible Digital Manufacturing for Freeform manufacturing of Thermoplastic Composites Pablo Jaramillo and Patrick JP Fairclough
What will happen when the high-performance computing centre is connected to the production line in real time? Ann Swift, Edward Smart, Hongjie Ma and David Brown
Computing craft: development of a robotically-supported 3D printing system for cob structures Wassim Jabi, Aikaterini Chatzivasileiadi, Mohamed Gomaa, Alejandro Veliz and Nicholas Wardhana
The Future Agricultural Worker – A Micro Air Vehicle Solution For Autonomous Pollination Leo Chen, Yun Li and Hongnian Yu
Digital manufacturing for welding and jointing technologies Darren Williams
Selecting Additive Manufacturing or Dedicated Manufacturing: A Strategic Technology Choice Duncan McFarlane and Mudassar Ahmed
Anomaly Detection via One Class Classification Methods for Industrial Diesel Engines David Brown, Edward Smart, Hongjie Ma and Ann Swift
Versatile intelligent portable platforms VIPRO for developing the IT industry 4.0 concept Luigi Vladareanu, Hongnian Yu and Victor Vladareanu
Smart Robots for Firefighting Shuang Cang, Hongnian Yu, Luigi Vladareanu, Feng Gao, Zengguang Hou and Yongshen Zhao
Integrating Cognitions of Human Operators in Digital Robot Design (ICHORD) Teegan Johnson, John Thrower, Jose Gonzalez-Domingo, Dr Sarah Fletcher,
Adrian Hirst and Ben Morgan
Energy and Labor Aware Production Scheduling for Industrial Demand Response Using Adaptive Multi-objective Memetic Algorithm Xu Gong, Ying Liu, Niels Lohse, Toon De Pessemier, Luc Martens and Wout Joseph
The CMAC Digital Platform Murray Robertson