Manufacturing is changing as a result of rapidly advancing digital technologies.  These new technologies are disrupting the status quo, and bring both great opportunities and challenges.  Changes are upon us!  Moves are afoot across the globe to make the most of this fourth industrial revolution.  View the World Economic Forum’s video which highlights pertinent changes.  Four main design principles of this revolution are: (1) Interoperability,  (2) Information transparency, (3) Cognitive and physical assistance (4) Decentralised decisions and actions.

It is within this global context that Connected Everything has taken shape.  Our approach takes as its starting point the proliferation of connections – between machines, data and people – which characterises the changed global context within which UK industries are operating and to which they must respond. There is no choice other than for manufacturers to invest in advanced technologies.

Industry 4.0:  design principles

4.0 design

What does this mean? 

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Following widespread recognition of the need for a strategic and co-ordinated effort, the UK government has announced its Industrial Strategy, and digital manufacturing has entered the limelight.  The Industrial Digistalisation Review, led by the CEO of Siemens, Juergen Maier, has released its Made Smarter Review .  The review focuses on what is required for the UK to take a leading role in harnessing the opportunities of the Digital Age.

The UK’s research base is well-placed to assist in tipping the balance towards a future Utopia in which, for example, productivity increases, products better meet customer needs and we nurture a wealth of competitive businesses, while moving away from the Dystopian threats of loss of skills, security risks and the problems of liability of data ownership.

Through careful consideration, the network will address the issue of how digital technologies can influence manufacturing technologies, methods and solutions for the better.  The value of Connected Everything is in its role in shaping the UK’s collective efforts.