The reports on the six key thematic areas identified at Connected Everything’s outset are available to view and download at the links below:

A Champion for each thematic area, appointed from Connected Everything’s Executive Group, led work to:

  • Define the thematic area
  • Provide an overview of its importance and value to Industrial Systems in the Digital Age
  • Identify the state of current research in the area and the centres of excellence where this is conducted.

Draft thematic area reports were presented and discussed at a Connected Everything Executive Group meeting in January 2018 and this led to the specification of four research challenges:

1.      One hour from design to delivery

2.      Right data, right format, right time

3.      Feeling the pulse of the “factory”

4.      The responsive supply chain

The Research Challenges report is now available for download.

For Connected Everything II was have added the following new themes:
 Creativity and design
 Sociotechnical data-rich systems
 Regulation

More information will be provided on these new themes as we develop our work.