The thematic areas embody Connected Everything’s definition of digital manufacturing and guide the network’s activities. These areas have been refreshed for Connected Everything’s second iteration. The thematic areas were revised in conjunction with industry road-mapping activities to ensure that the work of the Network Plus continues to be aligned with issues of Societal Importance, Industry Priority and Technical Capability. Hear more about Connected Everything’s themes from Dr Phillip Stanley-Marbell, member of Connected Everything’s Executive Group.

For Connected Everything’s definition and scope of each theme, please follow the links below.

Previous Thematic Areas

The first itertation of Connected Everything identified a six thematic areas to focus the actives of the network around. These themes were then examined through a deep-dive approach, utilising expert review, focus groups and workshops. Each of the theme was allocated a Champion to lead on the activities relating to each area. Thematic area reports were produced from this work and can be read by following the links below.

The thematic area reports were presented and discussed at a Connected Everything Executive Group meeting in January 2018 and this led to the specification of four research challenges:

1.      One hour from design to delivery

2.      Right data, right format, right time

3.      Feeling the pulse of the “factory”

4.      The responsive supply chain

The Research Challenges report is now available for download.