Poster presentations from the 2019 conference that have been made available, may be accessed below:

Poster Title Authors
RoboClean Human-Robot Collaboration for Allergen-Aware Factory Cleaning M, Porcheron, C, Fuentes, J. Fischer, S. Reeves, B. Logan, R. Santos, A. Rady and N.Watson
Monitoring industrial mixing processes using acoustic sensors A. Bowler, N. Watson and S. Bakalis
DigiTOP: Digital Toolkit for optimisation of operators and technology in manufacturing partnerships C. Jaksic and S. Fletcher
User-centred design framework for digital manufacturing L. Bajorunaite
Combining Ultrasonic Measurement Methods and Machine Learning Techniques to Assess Baked Product Quality E. Gulsen, D. Morris, S. Grebby, A. Ibrahim and N. Watson
Should SMEs have their heads in the clouds? A wastewater treatment case study O. Fisher, N. Watson, L. Porcu, D. Bacon, M. Rigley and R. Gomes
Estimating Cognitive State with Physiological Sensing: Opportunities and Challenges in Digital Manufacturing A. Marinescu, E. Argyle, M. Wilson, S. Sharples, G. Lawson and S. Fletcher
Flexible Work Collaboration: Potentials in Aerospace Manufacturing N. Kazantsev, A. Barros, N. Mehandjiev and P. Sampaio
The connected consumer goods. An exploratory study G, Berumen, J.E. Fischer, Brown, A and M. Baumers
Analysing Sociotechnical System Interactions for Supporting Technology Integration in Manufacturing Environments (ASSIST ME) E. Argyle, J. White and C. Nex
Identification of Suitable Digitalisation Projects for Manufacturing SMEs B. Schönfuß, D. McFarlane, N. Athanassopoulou, L. Salter, L. De Silva, J. Chaplin and S. Ratchev
Feasibility Study: Digitalisation of Collaborative Human-Robot Workspaces J. Turner, J. Hodgson , I. Biro, A. Soltoggio, P. Kinnell, E.M. Hubbard and N.Lohse
Applications of Condition Monitoring in Industry 4.0: Lessons Learned E. Smart and H. Ma
User Acceptance of AI Advice in the Context of Collaborative Supply Chains Formation S. Cisneros Cabrera, N. Mehandjiev, A. Felfernig, P. Sampaio, S. Kununka
A New Crowdsourcing Platform for Product Designs X. Niu and S. Qin
Towards the Sensing Factory: Analytics for cyber physical production systems and new service provision C. Turner
Human-in-the-loop knowledge capture for future forging (HilCaff) A. Sivanathan, G. Gourlay, J. Ritchie, T. Lim, A. Conway
End to end food supply chain digital transformation: mapping of success factors and technology enablers S. Bakalis, Flintham, F and Emmanouilidis, C.
A feasibility and comparison study of Autonomous Robotic Vehicles for the FMCG manufacturing sector J. O’Brien, J. Sprinks, P. Breedon, S. Brooks, K. Iaquinta and M. Anderson
Low Cost, User Friendly Embedded Machine Vision System Implementation for High Speed Industrial Manufacture F. Worcester, P. Breedon, K. Iaquinta, M. Anderson, S. Brooks and . Sprinks, J
Industry 4.0 and Augmenting the Millennial Worker: AR for Offshore Wind E. Smith, H. Welsh, D. Evans and P. Blackwell
Making a Legacy Robot Smarter through IoTbased Information Fusion J. Mehnen, E. Yang and Y. Li
The Internet of Food Things: adding values to the digitalised food production supply chain S. Brewer, S. Pearson, J. Frey, R. Maull, A. Zisman, G. Parr and L. Bidaut
Integration of Design and Manufacture; Decision Making in a Concurrent Engineering Context M.T. Chowdhury and T. Turner
Design and test of a model for the selection and use of Smart Personal Protection Equipment D. Masi
Food Design for Future Dining: Envisioning Physical-Digital Hybrid Food Products M. Flintham, S. Bakalis and R. Hyde
Industrial Co-bots Understanding Behaviour S. Sharples, S. Cobb, M. Torres Torres, M.A. Kanesar, P. Stringer, M. J. Galves Trigo and D. Price
Priorities for Digital Manufacturing: Views from UK Industry C. Woolley