We are interested in contributions of different types. We particularly welcome contributions that provide an introduction and overview of a specific topic or area, as well as critical literature reviews with a relevant focus. We are also interested in overview chapters that cover technological developments in relevant areas. While overview and review chapters do not need to provide new research, they should be informative, written to a high standard, and appropriately referenced. In addition to overview and literature review articles, we very much welcome conceptual and theoretical contributions, case studies, and empirical studies, as well as relevant modeling and analytical studies that focus on problems of practical importance. You may also contact the Editors for enquiries about the suitability of any further related topics. Chapters will range from 7k to 10k words.

For details go to the website link

The timescales are:

1.      Submission of outline contribution: 14th December 2020 (or as soon as possible thereafter)
2.     Decision on full chapter submission: 18th December 2020 
3.      Full-chapters submission: 26th February 2021 

Should you wish to explore any ideas on potential contributions, contact:

Professor Bart L. MacCarthy
Professor of Operations Management
Operations Management and Information Systems Division
Nottingham University Business School
Jubilee Campus
Nottingham, NG8 1BB
E-Mail: bart.maccarthy@nottingham.ac.uk

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