Individual speaker presentations from the 2018 conference that have been made available can be accessed below:


Presentation Speaker
Keynote 1: IOT 4 MFG Thomas Kurfess (Georgia Tech)
The North East Automotive Sector and Industry 4.0 Paul Butler (NEAA)
MindSphere: The cloud-based, open IoT operating system Paul Hingley (Siemens)
Towards Additive Manufacturing Process Control using Semi- Supervised Learning Peter Green (University of Liverpool)
BREWNET: Intelligent cloud connected sensors for economic small scale process optimisation Nik Watson (University of Nottingham) and Ali Zaidi (University of Leeds)
Circular 4.0: The Role of Data to Enable Re-manufacturing Windo Hubarat (University of Sheffield)
Feasibility of Capturing Crafts-based Knowledge in an AI System, for Future Autonomous Precision-surface Manufacturing David Walker (University of Huddersfield) and Sanja Petrovic (University of Nottingham)
Collaborative Design of Supply Networks Nikolay Mehandjiev (University of Manchester)
Sensor City – Inside a Global Innovation Hub Alison Mitchell (Sensor City)
Digital Manufacturing and the Industrial Strategy Katie Daniel (EPSRC)
Keynote 2: Scale-Up of a Reactive Chemical Process Utilising COBR Technology James Birbeck (Croda International)
The (re) Definition of Design Fiona Charnley (Cranfield University)
Designing the Future: Trans-disciplinary Design Engineers  Alexander Kharlamov (University of the West of England)
Assessing the Security of Smart Buildings Charles Morrisset (Newcastle University)
Keynote 3: Hybrid Products Steve Benford (University of Nottingham)