Intelligent data use for resource recovery from Small Medium Enterprises (SME) wastewaters

Home institution: Chemical and Environmental Engineering, University of Nottingham

Placement host: Lindhurst Engineering Ltd

Start: 3 September 2018

End:  23 November 2018


Oliver Fisher is a PhD student of Chemical Engineering at the University of Nottingham and a member of the Food, Water, Waste Research Group. He is supervised by Dr Nik Watson and Dr Rachel Gomes. His work involves identifying new methods for how the data generated by process manufacturers may be intelligently utilised to increase sustainability, and recently published a paper ‘How cloud manufacturing can be a sustainable process manufacturing route to process resilience and waste as a resource’ [1]. Cloud manufacturing is the concept of sharing manufacturing capabilities, resources and data on a cloud platform capable of making intelligent decisions to provide the most sustainable and robust manufacturing route available, and this research complements the EPSRC-funded Cloud manufacturing [EP/K014161/1].

 Oliver is collaborating with Lindhurst Engineering Ltd. to investigate how cloud manufacturing principals may be applied to increase sustainability in a real world process manufacturing environment. This utilises Lindhurst’s H2AD bioprocess, a circular economy technology which treats wastewater to reduce the pollutant load and improve the water quality for reuse, whilst simultaneously generating bioenergy. This work complements Oliver’s two key research interests: development of novel energy from waste technologies and application of digital technologies to manufacturing.

FISHER, O., WATSON, N., PORCU, L., BACON, D., RIGLEY, M., and GOMES, R.L., 2018. Cloud manufacturing as a sustainable process manufacturing route. Journal of Manufacturing Systems. 47; 35-68.