Connected Everything (CEII) is has now closed its third round of funding for feasibility studies.  We will announce the funded studies in May 2021.

Call Details

CEII is looking to fund a round of feasibility studies with a specific focus on industry involvement which reflects one or more of our 7 themes. Our total funding available for this call is £240,000 and we want to fund as many high-quality applications as possible. Projects will be funded to a maximum value of £60,000 at full Economic Cost (fEC). Funding will be awarded at 80% fEC (total project value cannot exceed £60,000). Projects can be between 6 and 12 months in length and must complete before the end of May 2022.  Applications where a portion of the £60,000 costs is met by industry funding are also welcomed. 

As CEII is funded by EPSRC, our focus is on fundamental ideas that have potential to be developed into future applications or concepts that can be implemented within Digital Manufacturing. Therefore, proposals should address challenges at low Technology Readiness Levels (TRLs 1-3) and be aligned with at least one of the thematic areas.

In light of the current social distancing guidelines, all proposals submitted must be able to conduct and complete their research while adhering to government guidance.

Selection Criteria
Applicants should consider that the following criteria will be used by the review panel when assessing the proposal:

  • Multidisciplinary and clear demonstration of “discipline-bridging” through activity;
  • Involvement of industry stakeholders;
  • Involvement of early career researchers;
  • Potential for development of future funding applications from EPSRC (e.g. responsive mode), Innovate UK or other funding streams;
  • Demonstration of transfer of concepts from other domains to manufacturing;
  • Potential to lead to strong dissemination materials;
  • Paths to accelerate impact of research to ensure rapid transfer to industry.

Key dates

12 January 2021         Call for proposals goes live

3 February 2021         Feasibility Study call – Question and Answer session (online).                                                   

22 February 2021      Deadline for submissions (5PM)

23 March 2021           Invitations to Panel Pitch Day issued
                                      Unsuccessful proposals advised

27 April 2021              Panel Pitch Day (online)

6 May 2021                 Successful proposals informed

25 May 2021               Kick off meeting (online)

June 2021                   Feasibility studies begin

All feasibility studies should have completed before May 2022.

Supporting documents

Full funding call details (PDF)

Feasibility study proposal template Part 1 (WORD)

Feasibility study proposal template Part 2 (WORD)

Budget template spreadsheet – PART 3 (EXCEL)

Frequently asked questions (PDF)

Further information

Connected Everything has recently posted a two new podcasts on our You Tube channel. On the first Prof Sarah Sharples with Debra Fearnshaw discuss writing successful feasibility studies. The second sees Debra Fearnshaw return, this time joined by Susan Reiblein who discuss developing a successful panel pitch

If you have any questions regarding this call, please contact the Connected Everything II Network Manager, Debra Fearnshaw (email: