“Would you accept a collaborator selected by the computer?” – Factors behind persuasive advice regarding business partners in Industry 4.0 supply networks

Home institution: Alliance Manchester Business School, University of Manchester

Placement hosts: Graz University of Technology, Austria, and Aalto University School of Business, Finland

Start: 19 March 2019

End:  24 May 2019

Contact:  sonia.cisneroscabrera@manchester.ac.uk

Sonia Cisneros-Cabrera is an Information Systems postgraduate researcher at The Alliance Manchester Business School, University of Manchester. She obtained her Master’s degree (MPhil) from the School of Computer Science, University of Manchester (2016) for research conducted in the areas of High-Performance Computing, Big Data and Data Quality. Before completing her MPhil she graduated from the Technological University of Coacalco (Tecnológico de Estudios Superiores de Coacalco) as a Computer Systems Engineer and worked for Deloitte Mexico as an internal business technology analyst.

Sonia is currently working on a research project focused on understanding the factors that come into play when accepting advice given by computer systems – called artificial advice givers. For this, she has become involved in the DIGICOR EU project, which is part of the H2020 programme, looking at digitalisation in the context of the Industry 4.0 paradigm.

As part of the Early Career Researcher placement, she developed an end-user study design to collect data from potential end-users of artificial advice givers in the aerospace domain. The study design was developed during the first week of her placement, in collaboration with Professor Alexander Felfernig from the Graz University of Technology, Austria. Professor Felfernig researches human decision making in the context of recommendation systems and is a leader in the knowledge of how humans interact with artificial advisers. Sonia also had the opportunity to collect data using the study-design during an Industry Expo event and this was a success. During her second placement week, Sonia received guidance on the data analysis part of the work. All of this led to proposals and plans for publication of the results in collaboration with TU Graz and The University of Manchester.

A second part of the placement will take place in May at the Aalto University School of Business, Finland, where Sonia will seek to understand how to apply Action Design Research (ADR) method as part of her overall investigation. This part will be done with Professor Matti Rossi who is an author of the seminal paper on ADR and a leading authority in the use of this method.