Engineering Net Zero

Martin Aston, Senior Manager, Airbus

Achieving Net Zero (net zero terrestrial emissions) is now a core element of government strategies around the world, but is extremely complex to achieve. Developing, assuring and producing the products and ecosystems to deliver that ambition will call for a fundamental change in the way products are engineered, produced and operated. This talk will introduce the complex challenge that industry faces and how a new approach to regulation and assurance will be needed to deliver such change whilst maintaining safety.  

Data informed optimisation of hierarchical binder jet printing

Kate Black, Senior Lecturer in Additive Manufacturing, University of Liverpool

Chris Courtney, Challenge Director, Manufacturing Made Smarter

Summary to follow.

Ofcom enabling different wireless solutions

Heli Frosterus, Spectrum Policy Principal, Ofcom

In my presentation I will explore the various requirements different industry players have for connectivity and how Ofcom is making spectrum available in different ways to cater for all various use cases. I will discuss various challenges and requirements people have and how to find the right solution for you.

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