Lead Institution:  Cranfield University
Industry Partners:  Airbus
Project Team:
Cranfield University: Industrial Psychology and Human Factors (IPHF) Group
Sarah Fletcher, Senior Research Fellow
Teegan Johnson, Research Fellow (ECR)
Jose Gonzalez-Domingo, Research Fellow (ECR) based full time at Airbus
Cyril Jaksic, Research Fellow
Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre: Integrated Manufacturing Group
Ben Morgan, Head of IMG
Adrian Hirst, Controls Technical Lead
Tom Smith, Project Engineer
Phil Kitchen, Project Engineer
Airbus: Ergonomics
Katie Dodds-Hughes, Senior Ergonomist
Florian Carle, Ergonomist
Project Duration: 12 months (March 2018 – March 2019)

End of Project report_ICHORD

Case Study_ICHORD

The project is the first attempt at integrating cognitive-behavioural data in Digital Human Modelling for industrial Human Robot Collaborative design.