Lead Institution: Cardiff University
Industry Partners:  Building Design Partnership LtdIMAKR Ltd  and Kevin McCabe Ltd
Project Team: Dr Wassim Jabi (PI) (Cardiff), Dr Alejandro Veliz Reyes (University of Plymouth), Dr Aikaterini Chatzivasileiadi (Cardiff), Dr Nicholas Wardhana (Cardiff) and Mohamed Gomaa (University of Adelaide)
Project Duration: 18 months (January 2018 – June 2019)

End of Project report_Computing craft

Case Study_Computing craft


The project is the first to adopt a cross-disciplinary approach to translating the craft-based process of cob construction into a digital and automated process.


Veliz-Reyes, A., Gomaa, M., Chatzivasileiadi, A., Jabi, W. and Wardhana, N. 2018. Computing craft: development of a robotically-supported 3D printing system for cob structures. Presented at: 36th annual Education and research in Computer Aided Architectural Design in Europe (eCAADe) 2018, Lodz, Poland, 17-21 September 2018

Gomaa, M., Carfrae, J., Goodhew, S., Jabi, W., Veliz Reyez, A. 2019. Thermal performance exploration of 3D printed cob. Architectural Science Review 62 (3) , pp. 230-237.

Veliz, A., Jabi, W., Gomaa, M., Chatzivasileiadi, A., Ahmed, L., Wardhana, N., (In Press). Negotiated matter: A robotic exploration of craft-driven innovation. Architectural Science Review (Special Issue “Means, Methods, Machines and Making in Architecture”).