Lead Institution:  University of Leeds
Project Team: Dr Ningtao Mao (Leeds), Dr He Wang (Leeds), Dr Zhiqiang Zhang (Leeds) and Laura Finnigan (Burberry)
Project Duration: 12 months (January 2018 – December 2018)

End of Project report Garment simulation

Case Study_Garment simulation

The project is the first to connect consumer’s sensory preferences for a garment’s drape and feel to the fabric’s objective qualities in a computer simulation model.


Easson M, Edwards JV, Mao N, Carr C, Marshall D, Qu J, Graves E, Reynolds M, Villalpando A, Condon B. 2018. Structure/Function Analysis of Nonwoven Cotton Topsheet Fabrics: Multi-Fiber Blending Effects on Fluid Handling and Fabric Handle Mechanics. Materials. 11(11)