Individual poster presentations from the 2017 conference that have been made available, may be accessed below:

Poster Title Authors
Fast human-robot skill transfer and generalization for flexible manufacturing C. Yang and C. Li
Digitally measuring the knowledge sharing for employee’s performance appraisal S. Shamim, S. Cang, H. Yu and Y. Li
A virtual environment with haptic feedback for improving distance estimation in engineering design C. Abdullah , G. Lawson and T. Roper
A review of data-driven approaches for Circular Economy in manufacturing O. Okorie, A. Tiwari, F. Charnley, M. Moreno, J. Oyekan and W. Hutabarat
A multi-objective optimisation model and sim-PSO for robust stochastic scheduling in the presence of disruptions M. Al-Behadili, D. Ouelhadj and D. Jones
Digital manufacturing at TWI: Welding systems integration D. Williams and C. Dungey
The Virtual Engineer: Fault diagnostic and prognostic system for electro-mechanical system A. Egaji, E. Smart and D.J. Brown
An implementation concept in context of Smart Factories and Industry 4.0 H. Yu, R. Arshad and S. McLaughlin
Dynamic modelling of production supply chains of SMEs with large OEMs in DIGICOR A. Ramzan, S. Cisneros, P. Sampaio and N. Mehandjiev
In-process monitoring and quality control of hot forging processes towards Industry 4.0 C. Onyeiwu, E. Yang, W. Ion, X-T. Yan, T. Rodden and R. Zante
Big data analysis for PV applications D. Yang and L.H.I. Lim
Intelligent attribute prediction for just-in-time customisation beyond smart manufacture in the age of Industry 4.0 A.A. Flores Saldivar, C. Goh, L. Chen, X. Yao, H. Yu and Y. Li
Detangling complex supply networks: The role of machine learning A. Brintrup, P. Wichmann and P. Woodall
Cyber security from passive defence to active reactions: A brief overview T. Yang, H. Yuan, L. Chen and L. Li
Formal modelling and analysis of IoT systems with bigraphs M. Sevegnani
Data-driven inferential modelling for condition monitoring in engineering systems J-B. Yang, D-L. Xu and X. Xu
EU H2020 FIRST- vF Interoperation suppoRting buSiness innovaTion M. Aiello, Y. Bai, G. Cabri, N. Eder, F. Mandreoli, M. Mecella, H. Mu, K. Phalp, P. de Vrieze, L. Xu and H. Yu
Network_Plus_2017_paper_27 A. Greenhill and S. Burns
Simulation platform for energy optimization of server system H. Ma, E. Smart and D.J. Brown
Towards emotionally sensitive machines: the use of virtual reality to stimulate human emotions P. Fratczak, Y. Goh, L. Justham, P. Kinnell and A. Soltoggio
Methods for predicting material removal energy consumption in turning Y. Liu , J. Lv and R. Tang
Design implications for joint human-agent decision making with evolvable assembly systems P. Holmes, D. Golightly, D. Sanderson, J.C. Chaplin, L. De Silva, O. Bakker, P. Benardos, D. Branson, B. Logan, A. Popov, S. Sharples and S. Ratchev