Artificial Intelligence based multi-objective optimisation for energy management in dynamic flexible manufacturing systems

Home institution: Division of Systems, Power and Energy, University of Glasgow

Placement host: Digitisation lab for manufacturing, University of Sheffield

Start: 1 October 2018

End:  31 March 2018


Dr Ying Liu is a Lecturer in Systems Engineering at the Division of Systems, Power and Energy at the University of Glasgow, UK. She completed her doctoral research in 2013 in which she focused on exploring the potentiality of employing the operations research (OR) approaches to realise sustainable manufacturing. The OR methods had been widely used as a management tool in the manufacturing systems. However, the application of them to improve resource efficiency was scarce. The research mainly focuses on two aspects: the first is to develop the mathematical model of electricity consumption of machine tools and integrate it to the job shop manufacturing system model. The second is to develop multi-objective optimisation algorithms to deliver optimised scheduling plans, thereby achieving the trade-off between electricity consumption, electricity cost and total weighted tardiness in manufacturing system. Since then, her research interests have broadened to include artificial intelligence based multi-objective optimisation for manufacturing systems. She has led multiple research projects within meta-heuristic based optimisation for both manufacturing techniques and systems.