ASSIST-ME: Analysing Sociotechnical System Interactions for Supporting Technology integration in Manufacturing Environments

Home institution: Faculty of Engineering, University of Nottingham

Placement host: Rolls Royce Plc (Civil Aerospace)

Start: 2 May 2019

End: 12 June 2019


Dr Elizabeth Argyle is a Research Fellow in the Faculty of Engineering at the University of Nottingham and is a member of the Human Factors Research Group.  She holds a PhD in Industrial & Systems Engineering from the University of Oklahoma (2016) where her research investigated the influence of information visualization design on end users’ situation awareness and decision making in the meteorological forecasting domain. Dr Argyle’s current work investigates the impact of digital technology on operators and decision makers in manufacturing systems as part of the EPSRC-funded DigiTOP project (EP/R032718/1).

During the ECR placement, Dr Argyle will collaborate with Rolls-Royce to explore human-machine and human-automation interactions within the production environment of complex aero engine structures. Dr Argyle will conduct a Cognitive Work Analysis to model system operations across the Outlet Guide Vane (OGV) value stream with the aim of identifying constraints and requirements for the design of future digital manufacturing systems that support future industrial workers and enhance productivity.