Best Poster Presentation: Erhan Gulsen (University of Nottingham), ‘Combining Ultrasonic Measurement Methods and Machine Learning Techniques to Assess
Baked Product Quality’.

Runner-Up for Best Poster Presentation: Laura Pereira Diaz (University of Strathclyde), ‘Prediction of Powder Flow from Physical Properties using Machine Learning.

Bowler, Alex; watson, nicholas; Pound, Michael J. (2021): Leveraging Lab Data for Industrial Fermentation Monitoring using Ultrasonic Sensors. figshare. Poster. 

Zhang, Ming; Xu, Yuchun (2021): Remanufacturing and Refurbishment of Large Industrial Equipment. figshare. Poster. 

Leesakul, Natalie (2021): Robotics and the Law. figshare. Poster. 

Aslam, Maria (2021): AI Centrism. figshare. Poster. 

Marinescu, Adrian; Argyle, Elizabeth M.; Duvnjak, Joshua; Wilson, Max; Sharples, Sarah; Lawson, Glyn; et al. (2021): Using the Contravision Approach to Elicit User Reactions to Future Manufacturing Technologies. figshare. Poster. 

Hermawati, Setia; Lawson, Glyn (2021): Exploring an open platform Digital Twin concept from the perspective of potential stakeholders. figshare. Poster.