As part of its activities relating to people movement and skills, Connected Everything is pleased to launch its Early Career Researcher (ECR) Placement Scheme which is aiming to facilitate cross disciplinary research in the area of digital manufacturing.

Full details: ECR placement scheme [PDF]

ECR placement scheme – application form [Word]

The main purpose of this scheme is to support research training and development opportunities for postgraduate and early career researchers working within UK Higher Educations Institutions, in a new disciplinary, institutional or applied setting. Whilst priority will be given to placements where the researcher will be working in a different institutional or organisational setting, placements may include spending time within a different research context within the applicant’s home institution. Placement opportunities within an industrial setting are particularly welcomed.

Applicants for this placement scheme are encouraged to think creatively about how their proposed placements will contribute to at least one of the thematic areas or key research challenges identified by Connected Everything, alongside personal research development.

29 March 2018:                      Deadline for submissions
04 May 2018:                          Applicants notified of result of application
By 01 October 2018:              All placements underway
By 31 March 2019:                All placements complete
31 May 2019:                          Submission deadline for placement reports