Lead Institution:  University of Huddersfield
Partner Institution:  University of Nottingham
Industrial Partners:  Zeeko LtdGlyndwr Innovations Ltd
Project Team:  Prof David Walker (PI, Huddersfield), Prof Sanja Petrovic (Nottingham), Dr Andrew Longstaff (Huddersfield), Dr Simon Parkinson (Huddersfield), Prof Paul Ward (Huddersfield), Dr Wenchang Pan (Huddersfield) and Dr Kyle Wilson (Huddersfield)
Project Duration:  12 months (01 April 2017 – 31 March 2018)

Information sheet

The project is the first to explore the feasibility of capturing craft expertise, concerned with the manufacture of precision and ultra-precision surfaces, within an Artificial Intelligence system. The method developed will be trialled to demonstrate its ability to capture and store crafts-based knowledge in a digital archive, in a format accessible to an AI system.