Connected Everything has managed two funding calls for feasibility studies and is now supporting 11 projects.

Round 1 feasibility studies:

“Feasibility of Capturing Crafts-based Knowledge in an AI System for Future Autonomous Precision-Surface Manufacturing”
University of Huddersfield and University of Nottingham

“Investigating Spoken Dialogue to Support Manufacturing Processes”
University of Sheffield

“Digitisation of Collaborative Human-Robot Workspaces”
Loughborough University

“Towards Additive Manufacturing Process Control Using Semi-Supervised Learning”
University of Liverpool

“BrewNet: Intelligent Cloud Connected Sensors for Economic Small Scale Process Optimisation”
University of Nottingham and University of Leeds

“Circular 4.0: Digital Intelligence to Enable a Circular Economy”
Cranfield University and University of Sheffield

Round 2 feasibility studies:

“Computing Craft: Manufacturing Cob Structures Using Robotically Controlled 3D Printing”
Cardiff University / University of Plymouth

“Connecting Consumer’s Sensory on Garment with Objective Fabric Tactile Properties”
University of Leeds

“Integrating Cognitions of Human Operators in Digital Robot Design (ICHORD)”
Cranfield University / AMRC

“Continuous In-Situ Microstructure and Composition Analysis within 3D-Printed Structures using In-Chamber Sensors”
University of Cambridge / Imperial / Sheffield Hallam University

“Pathway to Autonomy for an SME Factory”
University of Portsmouth / AMRC