Connected Everything has managed two funding calls for feasibility studies and is now supporting 11 projects.

Round 1 feasibility studies:

“Feasibility of Capturing Crafts-based Knowledge in an AI System for Future Autonomous Precision-Surface Manufacturing”
University of Huddersfield and University of Nottingham

“Investigating Spoken Dialogue to Support Manufacturing Processes”
University of Sheffield

“Digitisation of Collaborative Human-Robot Workspaces”
Loughborough University

“Towards Additive Manufacturing Process Control Using Semi-Supervised Learning”
University of Liverpool

“BrewNet: Intelligent Cloud Connected Sensors for Economic Small Scale Process Optimisation”
University of Nottingham and University of Leeds

“Circular 4.0: Digital Intelligence to Enable a Circular Economy”
Cranfield University and University of Sheffield

Round 2 feasibility studies:

“Computing Craft: Manufacturing Cob Structures Using Robotically Controlled 3D Printing”
Cardiff University / University of Plymouth

“An intelligent Simulation Tool Connecting Consumer’s Sensory Requirements on Garment with Fabric Objective Tactile Properties”
University of Leeds

“Can Key Behavioural Rules be Integrated in Digital Human Modelling to Enhance Design of Industrial Human-Robot Systems?”
Cranfield University / AMRC

“Continuous In-Situ Microstructure and Composition Analysis within 3D-Printed Structures using In-Chamber Sensors”
University of Cambridge / UCL / Sheffield Hallam University

“Pathway to Autonomy for an SME Factory”
University of Portsmouth / AMRC