The Executive Group oversees the work of the project, providing guidance to ensure that the Network Plus yields high quality collaborative activities.  The Group consists of:

Dr David Brown (Portsmouth)
Dr Fiona Charnely (Cranfield)
Professor Kerry Kirwan (Warwick)
Professor Yun Li (Glasgow)
Dr Niels Lohse (Loughborough)
Professor Roger Maull (Surrey)
Lynne McGregor (Innovate UK)
Dr Michele Nati (Digital Catapult)
Professor Svetan Ratchev (Nottingham)
Nigel Rix (KTN)
Professor Sarah Sharples (Nottingham)
Mark Summers (ATI)
Professor Paul Watson (Newcastle)
Professor Ken Young (MTC)
Professor Honghian Yu (Bournemouth)
Moira Petrie (Nottingham, Network Plus Manager)