Connected Everything’s Digital World 2050 report has been officially published! We would like to thank all our CE members for their contributions and input.

Co-author Fiona Charnley Professor of Circular Innovation at the University of Exeter Business School and Co-director of the UKRI National Interdisciplinary Circular Economy Hub, said: “This horizon-scanning study will help industry identify suitable collaboration partners for future research, and determine opportunities for investment in new technologies. “Digital technology is becoming embedded throughout manufacturing and society and has a critical and growing part to play in addressing manufacturing challenges and delivering a more sustainable, circular and resilient future. Maximising its contribution will depend on the decisions we make today, and the actions of governments, industry and funders.”

Fellow co-author Dr Oliver Fisher formerly of the University of Nottingham and now at the University of Surrey, said: “When we started this horizon scanning work, imagining what manufacturing in 2050 would look like was a daunting prospect. “But by bringing together of expertise from across disciplines we were able to gain new insights and perspectives on the challenges and opportunities that may emerge as digital technologies are embedded within manufacturing processes and workforces. I hope the knowledge generated within this report will help accelerate the transition towards a sustainable manufacturing future.”

To read and download the full report and learn about the five main recommendations that emerged from our four cross-cutting themes please click on this link.

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