Connected Everything outputYearOutput typeAuthor(s)DOI
A Data-Driven Approach for Detection and Localisation of Dynamic Load Altering Attacks with High-wattage IoT-enabled Devices in Power Grids2022PosterHamidreza Jahangir, Subhash Lakshminarayana, Carsten Maple
Design and Analysis of Secure IoT Networks (LoRa-PUF solution)2022PosterMohammed Bello Aliyu
Developing the future of adaptive materials based on HD-reprogrammable matter  2022PosterAdam Blaney, Marianan Fonseca Braga, Dilan Ozkan, John Hardy, Mark Ashton, Emel Pelit
Dynamic Scheduling Method for Job-shop Manufacturing Systems by Deep Reinforcement Learning with Proximal Policy Optimization2022PosterMing Zhang, Yang Lu, Chao Liu, Yuchun Xu
Enhanced data analytics for the pharmaceutical supply chain in the United Kingdom2022PosterTien Thuy Quach, Ben Sheridan, Emma Glass, Clive Roberts
Ink jet printing of non toxic flexible perovskite solar cells2022Poster (runner up)Abhinav K. Singh, Josh Turner, Laurie J. Phillips, Yu Bin Chen, Amanda J. Hughes
Intelligent Micromixer Design2022PosterBernardo Castro Dominguez, Matthew Wilkinson, Antonio Jose Exposito, Uriel Martinez Hernandez, Nuno Reis, Adam Connolly
Manufacture of tunnel-shaped sheet metal parts using adaptive, intelligent toolpaths for single point incremental forming2022PosterAmar Kumar Behera, Filip Lagodziuk, Jakub Gacka, John Morris
Modular and Reusable Industrial Robotic Systems utilising Additively Manufactured Components2022Poster (Winner)Kartikeya Walia, Philip Breedon, Azfar Khalid, Ahmed Khan, Neal Ward
Reporting on the Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) within the Connected Everything Network2022PosterOliver Fisher, Debra Fearnshaw, Nicholas Watson, Peter Green, Fiona Charnley, Duncan McFarlane, Sarah Sharples

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