EPSRC are looking to recruit new members of our Strategic Advisory Teams to start from January next year. We are seeking applications from industrialists, academics, users of research, and individuals working in the third sector and government organisations.

The advisory teams are devised as a flexible resource, enabling Themes at EPSRC to get strategic advice they need from across our key stakeholder groups. Each Theme’s advisory team meets at least three times a year and may also be asked to take part in further EPSRC activities (workshops, peer review panels, etc). There is also a yearly all-SATs conference, bringing all the advisory teams together.

There are 6 Vacancies on the Digital Economy Programme Advisory Board (PAB), which is equivalent to a SAT:

There is an emphasis on our commitment to diverse and inclusive representation within our advisory boards; so we are particularly encouraging applications from individuals from under-represented groups. Place is also high on our agenda so we want to encourage applications from people based across the whole of the UK too.

Appointments will be made solely on the evidence presented in the application; we cannot take into account our own knowledge of an individual’s abilities and experience. Therefore applicants should think carefully about providing sufficient written evidence when completing the application.

Further info here: https://epsrc.ukri.org/about/governance/recruitment/membershipsab/

Deadline for applications is 29th July 2021

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