Accelerating Digital Manufacturing Research Collaboration and Innovation

When: Monday 14th June to Friday 18th June 2021

Where: Online

Costs: This event is fully funded by our EPSRC grant so we don’t need to charge delegates

Call for Poster Abstracts: We’re delighted to invite the submission of abstracts for online poster presentations, deadline for submission is 28/05/2021. Follow the link below for more details on how to submit. 

More details:  Go to our Festival pages for the full agenda and details on the call for abstracts

Book your place: Follow the links below to register on eventbrite for the sessions you want to attend

Monday 14th June 11:00-12:30: Resilient Manufacturing, Dr Stefania Soldini

Tuesday 15th June 11:00-12:30: Industrial Internet of Things & Cyber Physical Production Systems, Dr Alexandra Brintrup

Tuesday 15th June 15:00-15:45: Career Connections, Prof Sarah Sharples

Wednesday 16th June 11:00-12:30: Creative Manufacturing & Customisation, Dr. Anna Chatzimichali 

Wednesday 16th June 14:00-15:00: ECR Roundtable 2050 Horizon Scanning, Dr Fiona Charnley

Thursday 17th June 11:00-12:30: Future Industrial Worker, Dr Azfar Khalid

Thursday 17th June 13:30-14:30: Creating an Elevator Pitch for Research: Dr Zena Wood

Friday 18th June 11:00-12:30: Data-driven Manufacturing & Regulation, Standards & Guidance, Dr Rami Bahsoon

Contact details: Dr Oliver Fisher, Connected Everything Festival 2021 Chair (email:

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