Tuesday 16 June 10am

Reset, Reimagine, Reinvent: The Covid 19 Crisis is causing manufacturers and their supply chains to radically rethink how they operate in a world of uncertainty, and reclaim control of their futures.  

Insider invites you to a special, free to view online forum, where panellists will look at how manufacturing and its supply chain can not only overcome issues created by the crisis, but embraces the possibilities.

Over an hour we’ll face the challenges: Can manufacturers and supply chains operate safely? Will they have to adopt radically new procedures? Can goods be moved safely along the chain?

And we’ll raise the opportunities: Is it time to look seriously at robotisation, AI, the Internet of Things, Big Data? What new products and services are needed in a radically different economy?  

This is your opportunity to hear and question some big names in manufacturing and the supply chain. We’ll help you past the challenges and position your business for the prospects ahead.

We look forward to welcoming you on 16th June for what is set to be a fascinating discussion.      

Register here

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