Here you can find information on now Connected Everything Network members have been responding to the current situation through the lens of Digital Manufacturing:

The DEAS Network+ is pleased to announce that its call for small research proposals relating to Covid-19 and the charitable/voluntary sector is now open.  Full details can be found on our website

Productivity and Futures of Work from the University of Warwick is scheduling a series of webinars in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, which has challenged much contemporary thinking in terms of productivity, well-being and the futures of work. The shift to home working, sectors unable to work, and others that are overwhelmed there is no ‘one size fits all’ response. In this series of webinars experts from across the University of Warwick will be reflecting on the way in which COVID-19 has questioned traditional thinking in relation to and aspect of productivity, well-being and the nature of work. The webinars are intended to spark conversation and debate. They will help to connect those with common interests for further discussion and exploration.

In the second webinar on Wednesday 3 June, Professor Nigel Driffield will discuss what essential work really means, how we define it and the services we need to survive in a covid 19 era. In light of high job losses caused by covid-19, Professor Chris Warhurst will take you through a seven point plan of how the UK government could reboot the industrial strategy in the UK.

Register and find out more here

Durham University Business School‘s Centre for Innovation and Technology Management (CITM) have published a report that examines the impact of Covid19 on the supply chains in the North & Midlands of England. Data from 1,739,669 companies shows that supply chains are complex networks and often part of global trade corridors. To see the report go to LinkedIn.

Knowledge Transfer Network has created signposting and updates at: There is also  list of initiatives at

AI3SD Network+ (Artificial Intelligence and Augmented Intelligence for Automated Investigations for Scientific Discovery) has also created a COVID-19 section on their website:

Exeter Centre for the Circular Economy is investigating manufacturing in the current times, especially with regard to the repurposing of manufacturing lines and product type. A number of manufacturers have transitioned to production of alternative products, particularly medical PPEs & other essential equipment. Has your organisation implemented product or process innovation in response to the current situation & if so how? If your organisation had been unable to diversify, what has prevented you in doing so?

Thus, we are seeking responses from both manufacturers who have undergone repurposing and those who have not. Your responses and respondents will remain anonymous.

We would be grateful if you could complete this short survey that explores this question. This should take less than 5 minutes to complete.  Your responses will be analysed and will contribute to an academic journal that will help provide manufacturers and policymakers insight and support required to address repurposing challenges and support effective policy responses. Please see link:

Please do share this survey link with other manufacturing colleagues. For more information about this work contact Dr Okechukwu Okorie, Ph.D, MIET email:

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