Due to logistical challenges, the 2018 Summer School will now be the 2019 Winter Workshop and take place in January 2019.  Hosted by Nottingham Trent University, the “Smart Industry Workshop – Recent Advances in Industrial Digitalisation, Robotics and Automation” event will take place on 09 – 11 January 2019.

The aim of this workshop is to present rigorous scientific advances accompanied by real world applications in the areas of Industrial Digitisation, Robotics and Automation. This will include presentations of recent advances in tools and techniques for the design and development of embodiments for smart industry. In a smart industry, devices not only react to events through sensing, interpretation and service provision, but also learn and adapt their operation and services over time. These embodiments employ contextual information when available, as well as offering unobtrusive and intuitive interfaces.

A website supporting this event has been launched [http://smartindustry4.uk/] and details of how to apply for a place on the winter workshop will be circulated in the next few weeks.

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