At last week’s inaugural Connected Everything: Industrial Systems in the Digital Age conference, a review panel of 5 Network Plus members reviewed 21 posters and awarded three best poster awards:

The Best Poster (Education) award was won by “A review of data-driven approaches for Circular Economy in manufacturing ” O. Okorie, A. Tiwari, F. Charnley, M. Moreno, J. Oyekan, W. Hutabarat, Cranfield University.

The Best Poster (Application) award was won by “In-process Monitoring and Quality Control of Hot Forging Processes towards Industry 4.0″ C. Onyeiwu(1), E. Yang(1), W. Ion(1), X-T. Yan(1), T. Rodden(2) and R. Zante(2) [(1)University of Strathclyde, (2)Advanced Forming Research Centre]

The Best Poster (Research) award was won by “Methods for predicting material removal energy consumption in turning” Y. Liu(1) , J. Lv(2) and R. Tang(3) [(1)University of Glasgow, (2)Northwestern Polytechnical University, (3)Zhejiang University].

Congratulations to the winners and all how presented posters at the conference.

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